On-Page And Off-Page SEO: Which Is More Effective

Due to the continuous and fast growth of websites, a single keyword search will correspond to many web pages. So search engine ranking is the main factor for information retrieval system. Every month there are millions of new websites coming. With the rapid growth of the industry, it is very difficult to be visibly competing with the competitors. SEO is the one stop solution for the growth in the internet marketing. Companies like Phoenix SEO LinkHelpers develop their SEO strategy with both the weapons to win the battle of competition.  The SEO can be categorised into two categories. They are On-Page SEO and the other is Off-page SEO. Both the strategies are effective and contribute to the growth of the website.

On the page, SEO looks at what your website is and how it can be ranked. On Page SEO is the process of optimizing the parts of the website which search engine considers. The factors to be considered  On page SEO considers the quality and fresh data, keyword selection, title tags, headings, URL structure, Alt text for images, the speed of the website loading, the content of the page, internal linking. On the page, SEO will help your website to be viewed by the potential searchers as well as the search engines. On the page, SEO is the fundamental element of the website without which off page SEO does not make any sense.

Off-page looks beyond our website which will contribute to high ranking in the competition. Unlike ON page SEO, Off-page SEO depends on the other websites. It is a long-term process and takes time to optimise. It includes acquiring links to your page, increasing social interaction with the website, promotes the content of the website through social channels, adds bookmarking showing your presence in it and guest blogging. The external factors other than our website are considered and strategies are formulated to reap the fruits of the SEO.

Both the strategies are used to optimising the website. The SEO is the keystone of success for any online marketing company. In order to stay in the business, we have to work on both these strategies. Both the elements are like the foundation of a house and roof of the house.  We cannot choose one of these avoiding the other. Both the strategies work together for the success of the website. Both the attributes should be balanced and plan accordingly for the success of the SEO campaign. The major SEO companies like Phoenix SEO LinkHelpers continuously research both the attributes to keep their clients at the top of the list in the search engine.

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